When self-awareness is not applied … to responses to life events, to the ability to ask questions, to hold yourself accountable, and to control your responses … self-awareness is non-existent.

Self-awareness leads to questions and questions are critical to interpersonal growth and success. What questions you ask of yourself determines how deep and lasting that growth will be.

If asking, “What are the questions?” Simply stated, the questions are woven throughout my new book, Ride the Elephant. The answers lie within you. In what you believe and in what you don’t believe.

Ride the Elephant will stimulate critical thinking about core beliefs and their effect on everyday responses in everyday situations. I wrote Ride the Elephant to stir up curiosity and to get you, the reader, to think about why you respond the way you do to the events of your life. Presented will be tools that can be utilized to potentially change responses, change in thinking, and harness at times those reactive impulses leading to more satisfying relationships and personal growth.

When you read, pause to consider whom you know a passage or a thought applies. You? A troubled friend or sibling? Someone experiencing long term or short term emotional stress? An apathetic adult or resistant teenager?

Think about this moment of your life and those around you.
  • How are your relationships at work, home, and community?
  • How are your skills of parenting, coaching, teaching?
  • How are you coping, adjusting or recalibrating to life changes?
  • Has something been gnawing on you that you just can’t talk about, but its there lingering in your thoughts?
  • Are you unaware that there may be an “elephant in the room?”

Consider the book as a challenge to thoughtfully ponder the material presented, to apply even a few concepts initially and to observe the reactions of others and the outcomes when the conversation begins to change.

As you read, you may start to feel uncomfortable. Good … this may be a sign that what is written has struck a nerve; that a resistance may be building within or it may be something you disagree with—and even be unaware that it exists. At this point I would encourage you to read on, as it may be a poignant point for you to consider. It may be a concept to address with someone you care about.

Remember: when you are dismissive of an idea or concept, you are, clarifying your own understanding and position. Triggering a disagreement is a catalyst for critical thought. In the end, it is your perception that is most important.

The path to self-awareness begins with a question … what’s yours?