If we didn’t know it before, the Oprah interview dropped it in our laps. It made us aware of the huge elephant in the Royal Room, when the Duchess of Sussex stated, “I didn’t want to be alive anymore.” Meghan and Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, rocked the Royal world as they rode “the elephant in the room” right out of the palace and declared, “We are not going to live like this anymore. And I am not going to subject my children to it as well.” Meghan left the confines of being a part of the Royal Family, because as she declared,

“I just want to live authentically.”

It was the bombshell heard around the world. Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, along with her husband, the Duke, aka Prince Harry, left the confines of being a part of the Royal Family, because she was unwilling to be controlled by the rules and expectations of the Royals. Can you relate? Many of us live a life fulfilling the expectations of others, but we don’t know how to change it. What we typically do is suffer through, often making a mess of our own lives and those around us. It took a lot of courage for them to walk away from the benefits of the English Monarchy. They felt that they were in bondage as they were shackled to the “institution” that controlled their life.

Could you be living like the Royals felt they were?

  • Is there an elephant in the room that shackles you and prevents you from being real and authentic?
  • What are the elephants in your room that you just haven’t been able to talk about?
  • The ones that you don’t know exist, but are hiding in plain sight?

How will you break away from the shackles of expectations?

There is always a “tipping point” that accelerates a change. The question we all should be looking in the mirror and asking: am I conforming to the expectations of my “institution” –my family, my church, my ethnicity, my social community? Why? Are they true to me?

If not, what will it take for you to break away? Meghan faced down the elephant in the Royal room and rode the elephant with a thunder that shattered the Royal glass house.

It wasn’t a quiet exit. Most likely, when you choose to ride your elephant, it won’t be quiet for you as well.

“The elephant in the room” metaphor references the sensitive topics that people choose to ignore because they are uncomfortable to deal with. My book, Ride the Elephant, challenges the reader to identify “the elephants in the room” that have been hiding in plain sight, and cause you to respond the way you do to the situations in your life. You will take a deep dive into why you act, think, and behave as you do. You will likely see that today’s normal daily reactions are creating a waterfall event with those around you. The interplay of many feelings and reactions like hate, blame, excuses, accountability, judgment, fear, and pride are revealed. You will begin to consider how this juxtaposition of emotions are creating havoc in your life—like “the elephant in the room.” YES! the material covered in this book is life-changing! It was for me as it will be for you.


Read this book and begin to plan your life purposefully. To have the confidence, knowledge, and the tools to act as a guide as you ride the elephant in “the jungle of life.” With the intent to grow, heal, change, and make a significant impact on those around you. Be honest with yourself about being truly open to change. Save it for when you are ready to begin processing and integrating the book’s concepts into your life. If you do take this book on, and I hope you do, you will never regret it. You will refer to these concepts often, as you share them in your conversations, and realize that you will look back and say… “My life will never be the same!”

Is it time to start riding the elephant in your room instead of simply ignoring it?

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