Ray McKinley has taught professional groups, church leaders, and educators on numerous topics related to character and personal growth.


Ray McKinley has great knowledge and understanding of human thinking, feeling, and behaving! I utilize his tools and insights everyday in my counseling practice.

-Donna Dehn, MA/LPC


Watching Ray McKinley’s vision for a deeply meaningful, life-changing class, and now book, come to fruition has been inspiring as graduates continue to report that it’s “the best class I’ve ever taken.

Even more inspiring is watching Ray live his own life fully committed to the ideals he shares in the classroom and in this book. Countless lives have been transformed already, and this book ensures that countless more will be impacted in the generations to come.

– Steve Buuck, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer, Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School Las Vegas, NV


Ray McKinley has provided a framework that allows us to engage each of our children as an individual with a clear understanding of what makes them tick. We find ourselves asking open-ended questions rather than always giving answers. Providing positive reinforcement through affirmation has contributed to considerable growth with all three of them. I am a better leader at home, as well as in the office because of this material.

– Jay Lang, DDS, MS and Mentor


Ray McKinley poses questions that causes a deep dive into what makes us tick. Frank and to the point, he does not sugar-coat the difficulties of life nor the struggle to overcome those ideas we may have once held immutable.

Personally, I have worked the material he presents in “Ride the Elephant” into my classroom. Listening into his lectures and class discussions, has helped me make stronger personal connections with my students, friends, and family, and also continues to strengthen my own character.

– Rob Ellison – teacher and mentor


While reading Ride the Elephant you will, at times, be a bit stunned, and then if you just pause a few seconds a “light bulb” of reality will occur as you assimilate Ray’s comments into your personal experiences. This enlightenment will be about yourself or someone you know; you will find yourself saying as I did, “That’s why!

Most self help books make you feel better as you read but when you’re done and the light dims, everything is still the same.” Instead, take on this book if you have never believed a book could help and watch what happens.

– Darla Moll – Bank Executive


Upon finishing Ride the Elephant, I felt the urge to read it again! This book took me on an experiential adventure of self discovery through the magic of questions! It transported me into a realm of understanding as to why I do what I do, as well as, opening my mind and my heart to the significance of my beliefs and their relevance to the quality of my life.

– Kathi Piech, RDH – Mentor


To the student searching for a gateway to professional maturity or the adult seeking guidance for their family, Ray McKinley provides a unique perspective and tools to challenge the narrative and raise societal bars. This material crafted me into a successful young woman who is comfortable in the challenging social norms of today.

– Kim (Sturtz) Duffy – former student and mentor