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Engaging and thought provoking, Dr. McKinley brings practical solutions and actions steps that transform cultures and relationships.

Audiences will be challenged to critically think about their preexisting paradigms that keeps them trapped in debilitating relationships. Participants will become an advocate for change that will bring about eloquent outcomes at home and at work.

Listen in to Ray speaking to health care professionals at a recent seminar on how to deal with stress by injecting gratitude into our daily routines.

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Personally, I have worked the material he presents in “Ride the Elephant” into my classroom. Listening into his lectures and class discussions, has helped me make stronger personal connections with my students, friends, and family, and also continues to strengthen my own character.

– Rob Ellison, teacher and mentor


Ray McKinley poses questions that causes a deep dive into what makes us tick. Frank and to the point, he does not sugar-coat the difficulties of life nor the struggle to overcome those ideas we may have once held immutable.

– Jay Lang, DDS, MS and Mentor

Popular Presentations:

Reigning in Your Culture

Participants discover how their individual roles are contributory factors to the chaos and mistrust in business cultures today and the steps they can take to be an advocate for change.

Takeaways include:

  • Steps to eliminate blaming, excuse-making, victimhood, fear, presumption, and value-judging.
  • How to create a “prescription for self” instead of a list of expectations that others should do.
  • Learn new tools for change that that deliver self-awareness and accountability.
  • Discover an actionable storyboard for creating a culture of personal responsibility, confidence, trust, acceptance, and faith in the process of creating a greater good for their clients and for the relational dynamics for all on a team.

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