Ride the Elephant – Hardcover


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Ride the Elephant! The Journey to True Success. Within it, readers will discover:

  • The breadth of what your BIG Question is … and how to answer it.
  • The power of transparency … and become more authentic with others.
  • The missing link … and reconnecting and healing frayed relationships.
  • The subtle words that haunt you … because of the old tapes playing repeatedly in your mind.
  • The chaos that seems never-ending … and the inner peace and understanding that creates harmony with your world and relationships.

“Watching Ray McKinley’s vision for a deeply meaningful, life-changing class, and now book, come to fruition has been inspiring as graduates continue to report that it’s “the best class I’ve ever taken.” Even more inspiring is watching Ray live his own life fully committed to the ideals he shares in the classroom and in this book. Countless lives have been transformed already, and this book ensures that countless more will be impacted in the generations to come.”

Steve Buuck, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer, Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School Las Vegas, NV

Ride the Elephant! The Journey to True Success includes stories that will sadden, shock, educate, and inspire you. And steps … steps to move forward, through, and overcome the challenges of life and living. At your side is a master coach—his words, exercises, and guidance. The journey awaits you.

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Ray N. McKinley

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Elephant Book Press





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Self-help, Relationships, Inspiration, Teaching, Victimhood, Anxiety, Culture


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