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Dr. Ray McKinley is a speaker and seminar presenter on personal character and business culture development, and now author of the newly released book: Ride the Elephant – The Journey to True Success.

Based in Michigan, he is a practicing dentist, teacher, and seminar presenter focusing on the beliefs, values, and principles that determine how we respond in every situation.

Ray is available for in-person or virtual media interviews. Call or email him to set up a time.

Phone: 586-372-8265 (EST)

General Media Questions

Topic #1: Overcoming Adversity

1. What has been the greatest adversity in your life? (1 to 4 min)

2. How could you be responsible for your brother’s death, you were only 10 years old at the time? (1 to 4 min)

3. You liken your life to being a human bulldozer … what does that mean? (1 to 2 min)

4. You have said that “Your greatest adversity can become your greatest gift.” What do you mean? (1 to 2 min)

5. What have you found to be the biggest challenge for people to overcome their adversity? (1 to 4 min)

Topic #2: Ride The Elephant

1. Your book Ride the Elephant, this is not about going on a safari, is it! (1 to 2 min)

2. The death of your brother was the huge elephant in the room with your family. How did your family deal with it? (1 to 4 min)

3. When we see emotional wounds in our friends and loved ones, and we want to help, how do you go about addressing it? (1 to 4 min)

4. We all have some pain and suffering in our life, few of us go unscathed. Some lament their pain a lifetime. Some don’t. Why is the response so different from person to person? (1-4 minutes)

5. How does one overcome the pain and suffering in their life? (1 to 3 min)

Topic #3: The Victim Mindset

1. What is a victim mindset? (1 to 2 min)

2. Why do people have a victim mindset? (1 to 3 min)

3. Why is victimhood so difficult to stop? (1 to 4 min)

4. Most people don’t see themselves as victims they see that they are justified to feel the way they do. Aren’t they justified? (1 to 4 min)

5. What would you suggest to people trapped in victimhood? (1 to 2 min)

Topic #4: The Quality of Your Questions Determines the Quality of Your Life

1. How do questions determine the quality of your life? (1 to 2 min)

2. What are some questions that diminish the quality of life? (1 to 2 min)

3. What are some questions that will improve the quality of your life? (1 to 4 min)

4. You write about the “prefaces” we use. Why are prefaces so important? (1 to 3 min)

5. You also write about “precepts”. Why are precepts so important to the quality of your life? (1 to 4 min)

Topic #5: Success vs. True Success

1. What is the difference between success and true success? (1 to 3 min)

2. Doesn’t everyone want “true success”? (1 to 2 min)

3. You say that “true success” feels different then “success.” How so? (1 to 2 min)

4. A successful person is prideful. Isn’t it natural to be proud of your success? (1 to 2 min)

5. How does one go about achieving “true success”? (1 to 3 min)

Topic #6: Expectations vs. Agreements

1. You say that expectations are not agreements and agreements are not expectations. What does this mean? (1 to 3 min)

2. How do you handle expectations that you don’t agree with? (1 to 2 min)

3. When I agree to do something, isn’t that an expectation? (1 to 2 min)

4. Why is it important to delineate between expectations and agreements? (1 to 2 min)

5. Why is it so important to apply this concept to your life? (1 to 4 min)

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