Graduation is a benchmark day, and with graduation, young adults face the
responsibilities of life in a whole new way. It is an exciting time, yet it can be scary!

Are they ready for the journey?

Ride the Elephant – The Journey to True Success is an excellent resource for the
graduate in your life, and will make a great gift! It is a compilation of stories and
situations that are a catalyst for critically thinking through the opportunities and
challenges that they will face as they move through the journey of life. The most
common feedback from the book reviews is that …

“Ride the Elephant inspires conversations that strengthen relationships.”

As your graduate is beginning their life’s journey, the handbook to true success is Ray
McKinley’s Ride the Elephant- The Journey to True Success.

The reader will consider the BIG questions of life and how to…

  • Overcome challenges and adversities.
  • Take personal responsibility instead of making everything be someone else’s
  • Stop being a victim of the situations and circumstances of life.
  • Become self-reliant.
  • Develop critical thinking skills and decision-making.
  • Deal with apprehension and anxiety.
  • Stop depending on the approval of others and meeting everyone else’s
  • Recognize that agreements are not expectations and expectations are not
  • Differentiate between agreement based relationships and non-agreement based
    relationships, and then knowing how to function in each relationship.
  • Formulate predefined principles to better handle the “heat of the moment”
  • Stop presuming and start knowing.

Use Ride the Elephant as a conversation starter with your graduate. Within Ride the
Elephant the reader will face hundreds of questions that will be the impetus for critical
thinking, self-awareness, and strong communication.

Gift yourself a book as well to be prepared for the meaningful conversations that will
emerge between you and your graduate. The new awareness and self-reflection will be
life-changing for you, your graduate, and your relationships.

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Ray McKinley
Expert in Conflict Resolution