Wake up sheep there is a huge elephant in the room!

Independence Day is NOT about being free of responsibility!

There is a huge elephant in the room, that no one wants to talk about. There is a crisis in personal leadership today and it is time to start talking about it. This is not about corporate, political, or institutional leadership; nor leadership in the media and entertainment industry.

Although there is plenty of poor leadership to go around, I want to hone in on you. What about your leadership? Are you a leader?

Many of us may not think of ourselves as “a leader” or we don’t have a “leadership role,” this is blatantly false. We all have a leadership role. Each and every one of us has a leadership role. And the fact that many of us think we don’t is the exact reason we have a crisis in leadership in our culture.

You may have a lack of personal leadership if …

  • You get up in the morning with out a purpose.
  • You spend your day conforming to the will of others.
  • You spend your day pleasing others to garner their approval.
  • You spend your day doing what others think you should do.

Leaders go to bed at night and say “I made a difference today. I created value for myself and someone else.” With leadership comes personal responsibility …

  • Are you taking personal responsibility for the things that are happening in your world?
  • Are you making a difference for other people?
  • Are you making a contribution and feeling good about it? Or are you just going along for the ride?
  • Are you being a burden to society or are you making your community better?
  • Are you “a giver” or “a taker?”

A lack of personal leadership is when you go to bed at night feeling unfulfilled and wondering what was your contribution today.

Unless you take your personal leadership serious, your elitist leaders who want to control and manipulate you with shame, guilt, and fear, will continue to take your freedoms away one by one.

It is happening everyday – Wake up sheep! – the elitists are leading you off the cliff!

What are you going to do about it?