DeliverIng solutions to individuals who are stuck and unable to deal/confront/communicate with the adversities of their past

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Author and speaker on overcoming life’s adversities at work, in families, and with interpersonal relationships by becoming aware of what has been hiding in plain sight. Converting self-awareness to personal intentions that will emerge from your personally held core convictions.



Ray McKinley has provided a framework that allows us to engage each of our children as an individual with a clear understanding of what makes them tick. We find ourselves asking open-ended questions rather than always giving answers.

– Jay Lang, DDS, MS


Ray McKinley provides a unique perspective and tools to challenge the narrative and raise societal bars. This material crafted me into a successful young woman who is comfortable in the challenging social norms of today.

– Kim (Sturtz) Duffy – former student


Ray McKinley poses questions that causes a deep dive into what makes us tick. Frank and to the point, he does not sugar-coat the difficulties of life nor the struggle to overcome those ideas we may have once held immutable.

– Rob Ellison – teacher and mentor

Are You Ready for the BIG Question?

Welcome to my author and speaker’s website,

This website and the book, Ride the Elephant – The Journey to True Success, is the culmination of 70 years of answering the BIG questions of life. Both invite you to continue the process of living your life in the most eloquent way.

The answer to one of my BIG questions came in a recipe: the recipe for a better life for me … my family … and for those who I worked with closely.

Now, the recipe for your life is yours, too. It lies within you; it has been placed on and within your heart. Within Ride the Elephant, I share my templates for actualizing.

Are you ready to draw out the answers that lie within you? I’m ready to be your guide. You will discover:

  • How can you be of help to a troubled friend, sibling, or child? This is a BIG question. You know what they “should” do.
  • Do they ever listen?
  • Would they ever listen?
  • Why don’t they ever listen?

This too, is another BIG question. Is it because of the “elephant in the room”?

Read Ride the Elephant – the Journey to True Success and then let’s talk about your journey …

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Ride The Elephant - Ray McKinley

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to Ride the Elephant?
Are you ready to experience True Success?
Are you ready to order the book and begin the conversation?


an experiential adventure of self discovery through the magic of questions!

– Kathi Piech, RDH, Mentor


a fascinating account of a personal life changing journey that is engaging, transformative, and brutally honest

– Dr. John A. Herzog, Ph.D.

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