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Dr. Ray McKinley Addresses

The Crisis in Personal Leadership


Many of us think of leadership as getting others to do what we want. WRONG! That is control and intimidation, and it is debilitating to yourself and others.

Dr. Ray McKinley presents timely leadership concepts that this world desperately needs and he needs your help to make it happen. We all have a role in the crisis of leadership and changing it begins with each one of us.

"Great leaders create great cultures."

Ray McKinley has provided a framework that allows us to engage each of our children as an individual with a clear understanding of what makes them tick. We find ourselves asking open-ended questions rather than always giving answers.

– Jay Lang, DDS, MS


Ray McKinley provides a unique perspective and tools to challenge the narrative and raise societal bars. This material crafted me into a successful young woman who is comfortable in the challenging social norms of today.

– Kim (Sturtz) Duffy – former student


Ray McKinley poses questions that causes a deep dive into what makes us tick. Frank and to the point, he does not sugar-coat the difficulties of life nor the struggle to overcome those ideas we may have once held immutable.

– Rob Ellison – teacher and mentor

Are You Ready to Make a Difference?

We have a choice to experience the perils of bondage that come with a failure to lead or the fulfillment and the joy of personal freedom that comes with personal leadership.

We need to renew our leadership mindset, based on time tested beliefs and principles that have worked for thousands of years that we have left to the wayside. We have bought into a leadership mindset that controls and manipulates by blaming, excuse-making, victimhood, fear, anxiety, presumption, narcissism, situational ethics and value-judging (which is – criticism, complaining, guilting, and shoulding).

We have chosen leadership that leads by control and manipulation, fear and suppression, rescuing and enabling, conformity and labeling, and by marginalizing others by using ad hominem rhetoric. 

We have lost sight of edifying leadership principles. It is my mission to make us aware that we have lost them and what we need to do to get them back.

Leadership is an inside job; it is having a leadership mindset.

A healthy leadership mindset is based in:

  1. Taking personal responsibility in every situation that happens.
  2. Holding others in high esteem.
  3. Edifying others by affirming their character.
  4. Being authentic.
  5. Being a person of reliable character.
  6. Being humble.
  7. Being an inspiration to others.
  8. Being compassionate, empathetic, and showing love for others.
  9. Being other-centered by putting yourself in their shoes.
  10. Doing the right thing.
  11. Having faith, hope, trust, and courage in your given abilities.
  12. Being accountable in your leadership role.

Leadership begins with you! What will you do?


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